Molly K Photography


I know... I know... picture overload!
I apologize- but bear with me.
*I am only putting up this many pictures so the grandparents can 
pick which ones they would like me to print for them*  
The rest of the viewers- sorry :) 

**Much Mahalo to my dear friend Laura Smith who was willing to take the family pictures for us**


The D's and their Grandparents

My dear friend asked if I could take pictures of her kids with their 
darling grandparents while they were in town.  Love to!! 
this is part one- keep an eye out for upcoming pictures 
of these little guys and their parents.


miss you

We had some dear friends come to visit us from utah and while they were here i tried to
squeeze in the fastest shoot ever.  We caught some cute shots at the beach before heading to dinner.
I think the kids did great seeing as we had already had a crazy week and a crazy day.
We miss you guys!!


beautiful night

We caught a beautiful night with these little guys.
3 under 2 makes for a wild time- but this family can make anything fun
the picture of the boys at the end makes me giggle every time I look at it so i had to put it in.
  you guys are beautiful!

About Me

The info: For $100 I will spend up to 2 hours with your family to ensure the best possible shots. I will provide you with a CD of the images I capture. You can order images through me, or at any location of your choice. An additional charge may be added for shoots farther than 30 min. from Kapolei. Contact me at or 808-672-9358